versatile baby carriers

recommended by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, midwives,
breastfeeding counsellors, pediatricians and parents


Discover a natural and easy way to 'wear your baby' and experience these benefits:

Both hands free to do chores, shopping, take walks...

Calms baby by giving him:

            * womb-like warmth and close contact with mum

            * mum's heartbeat, familiar smell and voice

            * soothing containment

            * movement and rocking 

            * access to the breast

            * upright position to help baby bring up wind

Excellent for fussy ('colicky') and high-need babies (has an organising effect on baby's vestibular system)

Babies suffering from reflux benefit greatly from upright carrying
Dramatically reduces baby's crying (rocking is shown by experience and research to be the most effective cry stopper)
Babies who fight the breast or go on nursing strike often settle down when feeding in sling while mum is walking around
Helps babies who take short catnaps to sleep longer
Can be used right from birth until ± 18 months
Baby can be carried kangaroo-style in front, lying in a cradle position, facing forward, straddled on the hip, on the back and many more
Protects mother's back, shoulders, arms, wrists and general posture - doesn't cause back or shoulder pain like front-carrying pouches do. Baby actually feels lighter and there is no pulling down on mother's muscles - very comfortable!
Safe and convenient, durable, soft cotton fabric, machine washable

Available in black / dark brown / beige / navy / cerise (dark pink) / light pink


Comments from parents:

•  "I don't know how I ever managed without it!"

•  "Much more comfortable than the front-carrying pouch."

•    "My backache is gone."

�  "My baby lives in the wrap - I can get on with my life."

�  "When my baby cries, putting him in the wrap comforts him immediately."

�  "My baby sleeps for hours in the wrap while I get some work done."

�  "We went shopping and my baby slept the whole three hours we were busy!"

�  "Baby is happy, and I am happy."

�  "Travelling is a breeze with baby in the wrap!"

�  "I keep the wrap on all day and just pop my baby in and out."

�  "It's not bulky, so it fits easily into my nappy bag."

�  "It's wonderful that my baby feels so close to my body."

�  "My baby didn't want to be carried in the conventional carriers, but she loves the wrap!"

Cost : R140 (plus R20 postage)


TO ORDER, send email with the following info:

1. Your name and surname

2. Your postal address

3. Your contact details - cellphone and/or home number

4. Your colour preference (black / dark brown / beige / navy / cerise / light pink)

You will receive a reply with banking details and order number.
Your sling will be mailed as soon as proof of payment is received.

For more information, contact:

Erica Neser at 083-292-5252 or [email protected]